Who We Are

Naledge In Action (NIA) is a Georgia-based 501c3 dedicated to helping high school and college students overcome the barriers to career readiness and success by

  • (1) strengthening Emotional Intelligence (SEIQ)
  • (2) defining a purpose-driven pathway
  • (3) providing real-world work experiences that foster soft skills that are transferrable and vital in any career


To cultivate a pipeline of Top Talent Leaders to meet the current and future talent and entrepreneurial needs of business and industryin order for America to maintain its competitive economic edge.

Target Audience

Naledge In Action’s primary target audience is emerging Millennial professionals born between 1980-2000 - of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientation, physical ability and language. Emerging professionals are defined as individuals pursuing a post-secondary certificate, 2-year or 4-year degree. Ideal candidates are accepted into the program in their freshman year of college and can remain in the program for six (6) consecutive years. NIA also makes its services available to Juniors and Seniors in high school. Students are recruited and referred by partnering technical schools, colleges, universities, nonprofits, public school systems and workforce development agencies.

History: Naledge in Action (NIA) was founded in 2014 by Tracey Knight, an entrepreneur and educator who specializes in people development. Ms. Knight formed the nonprofit after working closely with colleges, universities and employers who were frustrated and unable to address the high college dropout and growing unemployment rates among Millennials. She found that these concerns are even more prevalent among students who are economically disadvantaged, those who have experienced homelessness or been affiliated with the foster care or juvenile justice systems.

NIA (which means “purpose” in Swahili) gives students the clarity, direction and practical work experience needed to compete in a global, 21st Century workforce.

Getting A.R.M.D.

Whether you are a student who needs to be A.R.M.D. (Awareness, Responsibility, Mastery and Discipline/Determination) or an employer who needs to be A.R.M.D. (Attract, Retain, Manage and Develop) with top talent, NIA is the top talent solution!

We are cultivating a pipeline of Top Talent Leaders to meet the current and future talent and entrepreneurial needs of business and industry.







Earn Stripes




Our Culture

Naledge in Action fosters a culture of inter-generational inclusiveness. While working hard to create top talent, we also aim to tear down the barriers that exist between generations. We see our students as equals and not as subordinates because we want to put them in a position to lead. We include Millennials in the very shape of our organization, respecting each team members’ differences and sharing commonalities. Naledge In Action subscribes to a People-Centered Culture based in shared values that foster transformational thinking and behavior. Our model is based upon 5-Fundamental Traits or mannerisms that are integrated cross-functionally in order to operate optimally.

Our goal is to promote socially and emotionally intelligent leaders who have a strong self-identity and a sense of purpose. This will not only build a robust and well-rounded future workforce; it will simultaneously create a stronger America. NIA provides students with the ability to become their best selves and encourage them to thrive, not just survive in the life they have been given.

True Mission

Cultivating a pipeline of Top Talent Leaders to meet the current and future
talent and entrepreneurial needs of business and industry.