Junior Professional Program
The Fast Track to Becoming Top Talent

The Junior Professional program is our most structured leadership track. NIA uses the Learning Community concept to train, coach, mentor and employ cohorts of students who are seeking part time employment or consulting opportunities with Naledge In Action or one of its partners. Junior Professionals gain real-world work experience, earn a fair wage and benefit from regular personnel evaluations and performance coaching.

Get A.R.M.D. to be a Value-Driven Leader

Leadership qualities are formed in a progressive and sequential series of carefully planned and evaluated educational, developmental and experiential activities in partnership with business and industry leaders. After successfully graduating from Basic Training and earning the corresponding stripes, students are promoted to the status of “Junior Professional” where they are given high levels of responsibility and authority at low levels of our organizations and partnering organizations where they hone their knowledge, skills, work ethic and business acumen. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Top Talent Junior Professional leadership is based on the precept of Awareness, Responsibility and Mastery, and Discipline/ Determination (A.R.M.D.™) and participants take an oath to that effect. Junior Professionals are bound by honor to being an authentic, conscious and trustworthy leader who is responsible for his/her actions and decisions. As such, each Junior Professional dedicates him/herself to mastering their craft and life through self-discipline, courage and resilient determination.

Model Leadership

Junior Professionals are trained to find a purpose-driven pathway that heals and serves humanity. A part of that obligation is a moral concern and obligation to become a model of leadership for those students who are coming after them (i.e., high school and middle school students).

Basic Training

Basic Training (BT) is a training course that transforms students ages 16-24 into Top Talent Junior Professionals. Over the course of two 13-week sessions, Trainees gain a deep understanding of the 26-core competencies of Social and Emotional Intelligence and how they apply to their personal and professional lives. Weekly training sessions, group coaching and mentoring, networking with industry professionals and individual and group projects are used as the construct for value-based living, personal brand development, designing a 21st Century career pathway, critical thinking, problem solving, project management and team building.

Program participants also learn basic tactical and survival skills for navigating the workplace including:


The road to becoming a Junior Professional is rigorous and requires a consistent effort, commitment and focus. Interested? Click here to complete an application and learn more about the process.