Look no further! Naledge In Action’s Career Day has the solution.

What is Career Day?

Ever wondered what is blocking you from becoming your best self? None of us are perfect but it is important to be introspective and know where you are strong and where you can improve. Knowing the answers and doing the work may be the difference between you landing a position or the more self-aware candidate beating you out. NIA’s live campus-based Career Day can help. NIA’s EXPERIENTIAL (Ex) CONFERENCE™ offer students the opportunity to get personal. Career Day gives students the opportunity to discover the root causes of bad school and workplace habits and then learn and actually practice the good habits that define highly effective people and highly coveted employees. Post-conference coaching is also a part of the deal. This is not your average event! The truth is, we often go to conferences where we hear phenomenal speakers who inspire us through their words but many of us don’t know what to do as a next step or we feel we could benefit from the guidance of a support system.

You may have discovered that there’s a lot about preparing for adult life that you didn’t pick up in a lecture hall. Career Day offers students plenty of opportunities to learn first-hand about emerging career pathways, how to leverage their degree in various positions and how to hone critical skills in our hands-on SIMULATOR STATIONS. Each simulator is highly interactive and dedicated to self-awareness, self-management and the development of skills that will help students get and keep a job. These unique experiences jump start the journey to forming new habits in a safe, fun and highly interactive environment but are enhanced by the optional 40-Day post conference support. Join us for this life altering event as we guide you on a path of self-discovery and transformation.

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Naledge In Action’s Career Day provides a premier opportunity to showcase your business, products and services as well as interact face to face with hundreds of young professionals as they develop critical workforce readiness skills that are proven to increase productivity, workplace performance, and employee retention. Furthermore, your company can build brand recognition and market its goods and services to prospective employees who are key decision makers of consumer purchases with tremendous buying power. Moreover, your sponsorship of this intimate, interactive event will create a meaningful and memorable connection to your brand far beyond the conference. Our partners will enjoy quality interactions that will amplify their reach with an influential target market and increase revenue opportunities.

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Life Coaching


Our Empowerment Coaches will lead students through a 40-day step-by-step group coaching process where they garner a deeper understanding and learn how to practically apply each of the principles that are introduced during our eLearning Courses and Career Day. Students can bond in small groups while getting and giving support to peers. Expert coaches as well as devoted employers will guide the experience of doing the real work tearing down the barriers to success. Through repetitive practice, making mistakes and course correction, participants integrate with the concepts and form new thoughts and habits that work for them.

Together, we will help you work through the barriers that are
keeping you from living your best life.
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